DG Driving Automatic Lessons


The Theory Test

The theory test is in two parts - a multi-choice question part and hazard perception part. Both parts have to be passed at the same time. The test must be passed before you can apply for the practical driving test but you can start your lessons before you take the theory test.

Multi-Choice Questions

The first part of the theory test involves 50 multiple choice questions on a touch screen computer. Some questions have just one correct answer, others have several correct answers and you have to identify them all to score for that question.he pass mark is 43 out of 50. You can learn for the theory test using recommended resources such as books and dvd's.

Practice your theory with our Mock Theory Test.

Hazard Perception Test

You will be shown how the hazard perception test works before you have to take the test. The Hazard Perception Test is a computer based test and you are required to click a button on the computer mouse to respond to hazards that appear onscreen.

The test consists of a series of 14 video clips and in each clip there will be at least one hazard. One of the clips will feature to hazards. To achieve a high score you need to respond to the hazard as you see it happening on screen. The maximum score you can achieve on each hazard is five. Unlike the multiple choice part of the Theory Test, you cannot review your answers (this is because you would only have one chance on the road to spot a hazard).

To pass the Hazard Perception section of the Theory Test you need to score a minimum of 44 out of 75.

For a free hazard perception tests do to driving-test-success.com.